Friday, 9 December 2011

Inside the Treble End

The treble end is held onto the bellow by two screws. Remove them and this is what you find.

The uppermost stop has come adrift from its slide, so I should think the reed bank will need to come out to repair it. All the stops are difficult to move. Everything looks fairly clean and the reed banks are firmly attached - they're waxed on and held down with metal pins that have been turned over. The reeds are fastened down with pins.

The leather valves have almost all curled up quite significantly. How much of a problem this is, I'm not sure.

Some of the valves certainly curl a lot.

As you can see from the last photo, some of the woodwork inside is fairly crude, and not much attention has been paid to the finish. Still, the timber seems sound and I haven't noticed any woodworm.

To remove the keyboard is a simple matter - it's held on by a couple of small screws. Again, everything seems in quite good condition.

The exterior is in sound decorative order, and the leather linings of the pallets look ok, too.

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